Mortgage Loan Offer and Transfer

  1. You will be contacted by your dedicated Mortgage Advisor who will discuss the requirements for your Loan Offer and arrange to collect the documentation required.
  2. The Mortgage Advisor will meet you to explain your Loan Offer, witness your signature(s) and collect the documentation and your cheques.
  3. In cases where there is an existing liability/mortgage, the outstanding amount will be paid to the lender after which the property documents and a clearance letter will be collected by Abu Dhabi Finance
  4. We will schedule an appointment with you (and the seller if it is a resale property) at the Developer/Registration Authority for the Transfer/Registration of Mortgage Charge procedure
  5. All buyers and sellers meet our Mortgage Companion at the Developer/Registration Authority to execute the Transfer/Registration of Mortgage Charge. Any payments due are made and Guarantee Letters are handed over (if applicable).
  6. The Developer/Registration Authority will confirm to us when the Transfer is complete and issue a new Sale and Purchase Agreement/Title Deed in the name of the buyer(s)
  7. Once we received confirmation that the Transfer is completed, we will make payment to the Seller/Developer and confirm to you the payments that have been made. If the property is under construction, we will make further stage payments as agreed in the Loan Offer and the new Sale and Purchase Agreement
  8. At regular intervals, we will contact you to collect updated documents. If at any time, you have any queries regarding your mortgage, please contact our Client Service on 800 233 (Toll Free)


  • Original Loan Offer duly signed and initialled on each page
  • Terms and Conditions which form part of the Loan Offer duly signed and initialled on each page
  • Three signed copies of the Consent to Mortgage and Charge forms in order to register the mortgage loan
  • Original letter authorising Abu Dhabi Finance to make payments on your behalf
  • Original Passport (for proof of identity to be provided during the offer signing meeting by all applicants)
  • Processing fee cheque drawn on your personal bank account (if being paid upfront)
  • Post Dated Cheques / Standing Instruction Order / Direct Debit Authority from your personal bank account for the payment of your monthly instalments
  • One undated cheque for the full Loan amount drawn on your personal bank account. In the case of more than one applicant, if you do not have a joint bank account then individual cheques for the full amount from each of your individual bank accounts will be required
  • Loan Protection Insurance Policy Premium Cheque / Opt Out Fee Cheque
  • Original Life Insurance Policy(s) covering the full Loan amount and term (115% in cases where Interest Rollup is selected) Signed Deed of Assignment for your Life Insurance Policies
    • Home Insurance Policy Premium Cheque/Original Home Insurance Policy assigned to Abu Dhabi Finance (only in the case of completed villas and townhouses)
  • Original Sale and Purchase Agreement (if not a resale or Buy Out)
  • Special Conditions as per the Loan Offer Letter
  • Original Title Deed for properties already registered with the Registration Authority
  • Confirmation of payment of your contribution
  • Confirmation of payment of any Late Payment Charges (if applicable)
  • Original Liability Letter from any existing lender having a charge on the property
  • If the seller has an existing mortgage, an authorisation in the form of a letter is required to allow Abu Dhabi
  • Finance to repay the seller’s mortgage and collect the original property documents (sample letter available)
  • Original Property Completion Certificate from the Developer (for completed properties only)


  • Original Passport (to be provided by all the buyers and sellers)
  • Khulasat al Qaid (UAE Nationals)
  • Visa copies (for all buyers and sellers residing in the UAE)
  • Original Sale and Purchase Agreement (either in the name of the seller or seller’s lender)
  • Manager’s Cheque for the Transfer Fee – payable to the Developer/ Registration Authority
  • Manager’s Cheque for any other fee required by the Developer (including any outstanding service charge fees / late payment charges)
  • No Objection Certificate from existing lender (if applicable)
  • Manager’s Cheque for the balance of any payment due from the buyer
  • Guarantee Letter to the seller to be provided by Abu Dhabi Finance (if applicable)
  • Guarantee Letter to the Developer to be provided by Abu Dhabi Finance (if applicable)
  • Copy of the original Loan Offer to be certified and supplied by Abu Dhabi Finance
  • Place of Transfer / Registration