Purchasing a property in the UAE involves paying numerous fees & charges to different entities. These fees & charges account for a significant amount of money which has to be paid upfront to the concerned entities at the time of registering the property in the emirate of Abu Dhabi or Dubai. These fees & charges constitute for approximately 7% of the property purchase price and it often becomes burdensome for the buyer of the property to arrange these fees upfront and borrowing these funds is expensive. At Abu Dhabi Finance, we aim at continuously improving our products and services by offering unmatched services and simplifying the process of purchasing property in the UAE.

We have developed a new value add service Fee Finance  which enables  the ease of purchasing property  by facilitating  payments of all property related fees and this service is offered with an additional loan of  up to 5% of your property value.

The Fee Finance loan relieves your stress of paying fees relating to purchasing a property in the UAE. The value add service is available only in combination with a mortgage loan.

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