Purchasing a property in the UAE involves paying numerous fees & charges to different entities. These fees & charges account for a significant amount of money which has to be paid upfront to the concerned entities at the time of registering the property in the emirate of Abu Dhabi or Dubai. These fees & charges constitute for approximately 7% of the property purchase price and it often becomes burdensome for the buyer of the property to arrange these fees upfront and borrowing these funds is expensive. At Abu Dhabi Finance, we aim at continuously improving our products and services by offering unmatched services and simplifying the process of purchasing property in the UAE.

We have developed a new value add service Fee Finance  which enables  the ease of purchasing property  by facilitating  payments of all property related fees and this service is offered with an additional loan of  up to 5% of your property value.

The Fee Finance loan relieves your stress of paying fees relating to purchasing a property in the UAE. The value add service is available only in combination with a mortgage loan.

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What is Fee Finance loan?

Fee Finance is a loan facility offered by Abu Dhabi Finance which enables the borrower to make payments of the fees & charges related to buying a residential property in the UAE.

What are the list of fees financed through this loan?

The list of major fees incurred by a purchaser when buying a residential property in the UAE are:

  • Registration fee at Abu Dhabi Municipality
  • Registration/Transfer fee at Dubai Land Department
  • Real Estate Agent’s commission
  • Mortgage Broker’s commission
  • Mortgage processing fees
  • Property Registration fee & Title Deed fee
  • Other miscellaneous fees related to purchasing a property in the UAE
Can Fee Finance loan be utilized in full or partial capacity for paying your property deposit?

No, Fee Finance loan should be utilized to make fee payments related to purchasing a property.

Who can apply?

The loan may be availed by UAE Nationals & UAE Residents buying a residential property in the UAE.

How much is my borrowing limit?

Clients may borrow up to 5% of the property value or property purchase price, whichever is lower.

Is the Fee Finance loan available for under construction properties?

No, Fee Finance loan is available only for completed properties in the UAE.

Can I apply for a Fee Finance loan and not a mortgage with Abu Dhabi Finance?

Mortgage & Fee Finance loan have to be applied for together.

Is this loan available only for Abu Dhabi & Dubai properties?

Yes, at the present time the Fee Finance loan is available for Abu Dhabi & Dubai properties only. However, ADF will be providing Fee Finance in the future for other emirates.

What is the tenure of the Fee Finance loan?

The maximum tenure is 48 months and minimum tenure is 12 months.

When will the Fee Finance loan be disbursed?

The Fee Finance loan will be disbursed two days prior to your mortgage loan disbursement. The borrower will receive a cheque with the approved Fee Finance loan amount.

I have an existing mortgage with Abu Dhabi Finance, can I apply for Fee Finance loan?

No, Fee Finance loan are only available for new mortgage(s).

What is the minimum salary requirement?

The minimum salary requirement is AED 10,000 per month.

What is the interest rate for Fee Finance loan?

The interest rate will be informed to you by our Mortgage Advisor and also mentioned in your Fee Finance loan offer letter.

What will my monthly payments be?

Your monthly payments depend on the loan amount. To calculate the monthly payments for Fee Finance Click Here

What are the fees & charges applicable for this loan?

There are no upfront fees to apply for the Fee Finance loan.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

The minimum age requirement for UAE residents (Nationals/Expatriates) is 21 years.

What documents do I need to apply for a Fee Finance loan?

No additional documentation is required to apply for a Fee Finance loan. The documents submitted for the mortgage will be assessed for the Fee Finance loan.

What are the insurance requirements for Fee Finance loan?

There is no insurance requirement for the Fee Finance loan.

How much would my downpayment be?

There is no downpayment requirement for Fee Finance loan.

How is the interest calculated?

ADF calculates your daily outstanding balance in accordance with UAE Central Bank directives and the interest charges are recovered on a monthly basis.

Can I defer my Fee Finance loan payment?

As per the ADF policy, Fee Finance loan payments cannot be deferred.

Do I get the benefit of payment holiday?

No, this feature is available only on your mortgage.

What if I am no longer a UAE resident however I am still holding an ADF mortgage loan and Fee Finance loan; will the terms of my loan change or will I need to settle my loan?

You are requested to inform us by calling 800 (ADF) or send an email to info@adf.ae prior to leaving the UAE so that your information can be updated in our system accordingly.

What is the procedure for Fee Finance loan settlement?

You may settle your Fee Finance loan by depositing the outstanding loan amount along with the settlement fee by visiting our office in Abu Dhabi or send an authorization email to info@adf.ae or call 800 (ADF) detailing your requirement for settlement.

What happens in the event of the Fee Finance loan being issued to me, however the property registration and transfer of ownership doesn’t go through?

The facility provided will have to be returned back to ADF in the event of the failure to register the property.

Will there be two separate repayments for the Mortgage and Fee Finance loan or will it go out as a single installment?

There will be two different loan accounts having two different UAEDDS (UAE Direct Debit System) to be initiated for you, therefore, it would reflect as two different payouts from your current and/or savings account instead of a single installment.

Fees & Charges

Origination Fees
Processing Fee

 Not applicable 

Account Management Fees
Full Repayment Fees (FRF)2
  • 1.05% (Max AED 10,500) (Of Outstanding Amount)
Partial Repayment Fees (PRF)2
  • 1.05% (Max AED 10,500) (Of Repaid Amount)
Loan Cancellation Fee3 AED 105
Fees for Letters
Liability Letter AED 89.25 per occurrence
Letter, Certificate, Statement, Confirmation, Documentation AED 26.25 per document
Other Fees
Change in Approval Terms (Post Disbursement) AED 105 per occurrence
Loan Restructure Fee AED 210 per occurrence
Late Payment Fee 2.10% of late payment amount, minimum AED52.5, maximum AED210
Default Rate Default interest shall mean: (a) where there is an event of Default4 or where an account is delinquent for more than 60 days, an additional 400 basis points shall be added to the existing interest rate (the “60 Day Penalty Rate”); and (b) where the event of Default or an account remains to be delinquent for more than 90 days, a further 400 basis points shall be added to the 60 Day Penalty Rate. 
Deferment of an Instalment AED 105 per occurrence

The above fees and charges apply to UAE Nationals and UAE Residents only. All fees and charges mentioned above are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) and are subject to change at two months’ notice at the sole discretion of Abu Dhabi Finance PJSC. Conditions apply.

1 Non refundable. If a further advance is made, the Processing fees as specified above are reduced to 75% of the standard amount (a minimum fee of AED 3,150).

Unless specified otherwise in the Offer Letter.

Payable if the applicant cancels the Application after an offer letter is produced but before disbursement. 

4 The term Default shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the standard loan Terms and Conditions. 

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Why Abu Dhabi Finance

Why Abu Dhabi Finance

Abu Dhabi Finance is a leading provider of innovative, flexible and transparent mortgage products and related services in the residential and commercial sectors of the UAE on behalf of Emirati and expatriate clients.

Why Abu Dhabi Finance

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About Abu Dhabi Finance

Abu Dhabi Finance is the UAE’s fastest growing leading financial services company mortgage lender, providing individuals and businesses alike with the most relevant real estate financial solutions.

Since being formed in 2008 as a private joint stock company partnership between Mubadala Development Company pjsc, Aldar Properties pjsc and ADCB, Abu Dhabi Finance has grown from strength to strength. This partnership brings years of local financial knowledge and real estate expertise, combined with the most solid financial backing in the UAE and a tangible sense of corporate social responsibility.

Abu Dhabi Finance offers innovative financial solutions ranging from residential and commercial mortgages to financial support services. This expertise, coupled with outstanding client service that sits at the heart of everything we do, has translated into numerous customer service and innovation awards since our launch. In 2013, Abu Dhabi Finance became the latest recipients of the Banker Middle East Awards, winning Best Home Finance Company and Best Home Finance Product. Abu Dhabi Finance has also won the Stevie’s Award for Customer Service and the President’s Award for Customer Experience Management for the UAE Customer Service Week STAR Awards.

In 2013, Abu Dhabi Finance expanded its footprint to Dubai, bringing its unique combination of world-class professionalism and intimate client care to the market.

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