Land & Construction Finance

Offering you dual financing options to purchase a plot of land and construct your future villa


Land2Build is a market-leading plot financing solution available for UAE Nationals looking to finance the acquisition of their plot of land or release equity on a plot already purchased.
Not only that, Land2Build also allows clients to cover the subsequent construction costs, and even provides the option to finance both the purchase of the land and the cost of construction.
Loan To Value (LTV): Up to 50% of the land value and/or 50% of the construction project costs.


Currency of Mortgage

United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED).

Partial Settlement*

If you choose a Variable Interest Rate you can pay up to 20% per year free of Early Repayment Charges (calculated on the outstanding Loan amount as at the date of the Partial Settlement). Partial settlements can be made up to twice per year on your monthly repayment date, subject to a minimum of AED 5,000 per payment. Early Repayment Charges are payable on all Fixed Interest Rate products.

Mortgage Repayment Methods

Capital repayments for both under construction and completed phases.

Interest only option also available for under construction properties (subject to CB regulations).

Payment Holiday*

You can benefit from a one month Payment Holiday each year free of deferment charges, starting in the second year of your mortgage loan.


  • Loan Protection Insurance is mandatory and Building Insurance is mandatory for completed villas and townhouses.
  • For applicable fees and charges, please refer to Schedule of Standard Fees and Charges.
  • *Minimum of 14 days’ notice required.
  • Terms and Conditions Apply.
  • All Applications and requests for Partial Settlement & Payment Holiday are subject to Abu Dhabi Finance approval.



UAE Nationals with a minimum income of AED 10,000 per month.

Mortgage Amount

  • The minimum amount is AED 500,000.
  • The maximum amount is AED 15,000,000.

Property Use

Land2Build is applicable for residential properties in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Mortgage Term

  • Minimum - 3 years.
  • Maximum - 25 years.

Age Requirement

  • Minimum - 21 years.
  • Maximum (at loan maturity date).
  • 70 years for self-employed UAE Nationals.

Purpose of Mortgage

  • Land plot purchase only.
  • Construction finance only.
  • Land plot purchase and construction finance.

Developers & Developments

For approved list of Developers and Developments financed by Abu Dhabi Finance please visit our development locations.

Fees & Charges

Origination Fees
Application Fee AED 3,150 (non refundable, but offset against your processing fee)
Processing Fee
  • 1.575% of original loan amount if fee is added to loan amount or paid upfront
  • Minimum Processing fee of AED 3,150
Valuation Fee
  • Land Finance only : AED 3,150
  • Document Audit : AED 4,200
  • Quantity Surveying per milestone drawdown : AED 3,675 per drawdown
  • Post Completion : AED 3,150
Account Management Fees
Full Repayment Fees (FRF)2
  • 3.15% of the outstanding loan amount at the date of repayment for the first 3 years, and 2.10% thereafter until 6 year anniversary of the drawdown date.
  • FRF not applicable post 6th year anniversary
Partial Repayment Fees (PRF)2
  • 3.15% of the extra repaid amount for the first 3 years, and 2.10% thereafter until the 6th year anniversary of the drawdown date.
  • PRF not applicable post 6th year anniversary
Offer Letter Cancellation Fee3 AED 2,100
Fees for Letters
Liability Letter AED 89.25 per occurrence
No Objection Certificate (NOC) AED 157.50 per occurrence
Clearance Letter AED 99.75 per occurrence
Other Fees
Offer Letter Renewal AED 2,100 per occurrence
AIP Renewal AED 2,100 per occurrence
Change in Approval Terms (Post Disbursement) AED 2,100 per occurrence + Valuation Fee + any associated fees incurred from relevant Registration Authority or Developer if applicable
Loan Restructure Fee AED 4,200 per occurrence
Late Payment Fee AED 735 applied on a monthly basis on any payments overdue by 10 days or more
Default Rate Default interest shall mean: (a) where there is an event of Default4 or where an account is delinquent for more than 60 days, an additional 400 basis points shall be added to the existing interest rate (the “60 Day Penalty Rate”); and (b) where the event of Default or an account remains to be delinquent for more than 90 days, a further 400 basis points shall be added to the 60 Day Penalty Rate
Returned Cheque Fee/Direct Debit Fee AED 105 per returned cheque / dishonored or failed Direct Debit
Replacement of Cheque / Amendment to DDS account AED 52.5 per cheque replacement / amendment
Change in Payment Date AED 262.5 per occurrence
Permanent Change in Payment Mode AED 525 per occurrence
Deferment of an Installment AED 105 per occurrence
Non-Standard statement production/ Copy of original documentation AED 105 per request
Registration of Mortgage In accordance with the standard fees and charges of the relevant Registration Authorities
Loan Protection Insurance Mandatory - starting from 0.0417% of the outstanding loan amount per month
Insurance Assignment AED 1,575
Loan Protection Insurance Opt Out Fee 0.3675% of original loan amount for single applicant/ 0.525% of the original loan for joint applicants per annum
Property Insurance Mandatory starting from 0.042% per annum of reinstatement value, minimum AED 262.5 

1 Non refundable. If a Further Advance is made, the Processing fees as specified above are reduced to 75% of the standard amount (a minimum fee of AED 3,150).

Unless specified otherwise in the Offer Letter.

Payable if the applicant cancels the application after an offer letter is produced but before disbursement. 

4 The term Default shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the standard loan terms and conditions. 

Click here to download Fees and Charges PDF

Why Abu Dhabi Finance

Why Abu Dhabi Finance

Abu Dhabi Finance is one of the UAE’s leading financial services companies, providing individuals and businesses alike with the most relevant financial solutions.

Why Abu Dhabi Finance

Our Vision

To be the most admired real estate financial services company in the UAE

Our Mission

We aim to set the standard in the real estate financial services industry by providing our clients with:

  • Expertise in the local real estate industry, based on our breadth and depth of experience
  • Transparent products and services, built on leading international standards
  • Trusted advisors throughout the real estate investment journey

About Abu Dhabi Finance

Abu Dhabi Finance is the UAE’s fastest growing leading financial services company mortgage lender, providing individuals and businesses alike with the most relevant real estate financial solutions.

Since being formed in 2008 as a private joint stock company partnership between Mubadala Development Company pjsc, Aldar Properties pjsc and ADCB, Abu Dhabi Finance has grown from strength to strength. This partnership brings years of local financial knowledge and real estate expertise, combined with the most solid financial backing in the UAE and a tangible sense of corporate social responsibility.

Abu Dhabi Finance offers innovative financial solutions ranging from residential and commercial mortgages to financial support services. This expertise, coupled with outstanding client service that sits at the heart of everything we do, has translated into numerous customer service and innovation awards since our launch. In 2013, Abu Dhabi Finance became the latest recipients of the Banker Middle East Awards, winning Best Home Finance Company and Best Home Finance Product. Abu Dhabi Finance has also won the Stevie’s Award for Customer Service and the President’s Award for Customer Experience Management for the UAE Customer Service Week STAR Awards.

In 2013, Abu Dhabi Finance expanded its footprint to Dubai, bringing its unique combination of world-class professionalism and intimate client care to the market.

We encourage our clients to aspire to the highest levels of service and to benchmark their expectations against the best internationally. It’s because we have a passion for our community and our clients that we are determined to go to extraordinary lengths to delight them and exceed their expectations.

Abu Dhabi Finance Core Values

  • At Abu Dhabi Finance we define success through the client’s eyes:
    We go to extraordinary lengths to delight our clients and we strive to exceed their expectations
  • We are dedicated to satisfying our clients and we serve them competently, efficiently, knowledgeably, and with flair

At Abu Dhabi Finance, we encourage ideas that are dynamic and creative and we strive to improve:

  • We think differently
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  • We welcome the opportunity to improve and develop ourselves and others

At Abu Dhabi Finance, we are one team where every idea and every person counts:

  • We are all equal
  • We recognize and celebrate each other’s achievements

At Abu Dhabi Finance, people and community are served with respect

  • We are proud to support the Abu Dhabi Plan 2030, to transform Abu Dhabi to a global capital city
  • We engage in our community and we embed corporate social responsibility into our business pillars
  • We give extra attention to people and change ourselves to honor our commitments