Application Fee1

AED 3,150 

Processing Fee2

  • 1.575% of original loan amount if fee is added to the loan amount or paid upfront
  • Minimum Processing fee of AED 3,150

Valuation Fee

  • Land Finance only: AED 3,150
  • Document Audit: AED 4,200
  • Quantity Surveying per milestone drawdown: AED 3,675 per drawdown
  • Post Completion: AED 3,150

Offer Letter Renewal Fee

AED 2,100 per occurrence

Offer Letter Cancellation Fee3

AED 2,100

AIP Renewal Fee

AED 2,100 per occurrence

1 Non-refundable, however offset against your processing fee.

2 Non-refundable. For Top Ups, the Processing Fee specified above is reduced to 75% of the standard amount (minimum fee of AED 3,150 applies).

3 Payable if the applicant cancels the application after the Offer Letter is produced but before the Loan is disbursed. 

All fees and charges mentioned above are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) and are subject to change at two months’ notice at the sole discretion of Abu Dhabi Finance PJSC. Terms and Conditions apply.

For our standard Residential Loan Servicing Fees and Charges, please click here.