What are the Assurance requirements to take a mortgage with ADF ?

There are 2 types of Assurance you will need to consider when purchasing a property in the UAE:

  • Building Assurance: It is mandatory for completed villas and townhouses in order to get a mortgage from Abu Dhabi Finance.
  • Loan Protection Assurance: To cover the lives of the borrowers is also required.

We strongly recommend that all clients get good contents insurance to cover their household belongings.

We would be able to help you in arranging all of these via our preferred Assurance partners. However, clients are free to avail their own policies as long as they meet the loan requirements and are from a recognized and reputable Assurance provider.

*Assurance assignment may attract minimal fee

How much can I borrow?

At Abu Dhabi Finance we do not have a maximum cap on the amount our clients can borrow.  However this is obviously dependent on each client’s individual financial circumstances and subject to our lending criteria.

Our products are tailored specifically to your financial needs and circumstances, and therefore in order for us to give you an accurate illustration, it would be better if a Mortgage Advisor could meet with you to discuss your exact requirements and assess your case.  Our Mortgage Advisors are available to meet you at your work, home or any other convenient location.

I have an existing mortgage in the UAE. Can I switch from my current lender to ADF? If so are there any charges / additional costs that I would have to pay?

You can transfer an existing loan to Abu Dhabi Finance so long as it meets our lending criteria.  As this would be a new application to Abu Dhabi Finance, you would be subject to application and processing fees.

Your current lender may levy fees in an effort to keep your business. However, Abu Dhabi Finance would look to see if we can add these to your new mortgage loan.

What is the interest rate?

Our interest rates depend on a wide range of factors for each specific mortgage application, such as loan amount, type of property, employment status, and financial circumstances, among others.

Will you finance unrelated parties?

At Abu Dhabi Finance, we can offer unrelated parties a joint mortgage, however in accordance with local customs, this is providing that they are of the same gender and are not intending to use the property to live in themselves.

Do I have to transfer my salary?

There is no need to change your current salary or banking arrangements, as long you have a personal bank account in the UAE.

How old do you have to be to get a mortgage?

You need to be at least 21 years old to get a mortgage and should not exceed the age of 70 for UAE Nationals  and Self-Employed and 65 for Salaried UAE Residents at the end of the Loan Term.

Can I get a mortgage for properties outside of Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi Finance offers mortgages for residential properties in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Abu Dhabi Finance may expand its offering to other Emirates at a later stage.

Does ADF offer finance for the property I am looking at buying?

ADF works with a wide variety of developers in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  You can refer to the full list of Developers and Developments

Please explain the mortgage process

As a first step, we would like to work with you to understand and assess your specific mortgage requirements. One of our specialist Mortgage Advisors would meet you to help you with your mortgage application.

If you have not yet identified a property we can take you through an Agreement In Principle (AIP) assessment to let you know how much we can lend you.

If you have already purchased a property, we can take you through the full application and, if successful, we can make you a formal loan offer.

After you have signed the formal offer letter a dedicated Mortgage Companion will be on hand to help and support you at every step of transfer and mortgage registration process

How many mortgages can I have?

At Abu Dhabi Finance, we can offer finance for up to 3 properties per individual client in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, depending on individual affordability and property specifications.

What are the charges and how much?

We do have a series of charges that may be levied during the course of the loan, however this is dependent on the nature of mortgage servicing requests that a particular client makes.

Click here to view our Schedule of Standard Fees and Charges.

Are you also a Bank?

No, we are a specialist conventional (non-Islamic) mortgage lender for residential and commercial property in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. For full list of Developers and Developments, please click here.

What type of finance do you provide?

We are a specialist conventional (non-Islamic) mortgage lender for residential  and commercial property in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. For full list of Developers and Developments, please click here.

Why should I choose a mortgage from Abu Dhabi Finance?

It is important for you to select the most suitable mortgage lender for your needs.

At Abu Dhabi Finance we pride ourselves on the quality of our client service. We understand that buying a property in the UAE is an important decision and that the processes can be complicated and stressful. That is why all our Mortgage Advisors have been carefully selected for their financial and real estate expertise and their dedication to the highest standards in client service. When you have any questions, our Mortgage Advisors will give you the answers you need in clear and simple terms. 

It is important that you select the right lender to ensure your mortgage is most suitable for your specific needs and requirements.  Key factors that you should consider when selecting a mortgage are quality and reliability of service, product options, and pricing and repayment options (such as Capital Repayment, Interest Only, Part and Part).

Our innovative mortgages are flexible and tailored to your needs, and so is our service. As a client of Abu Dhabi Finance, our Mortgage Advisors will be available to offer you advice and support seven days per week.

Abu Dhabi Finance, founded by some of the Emirate’s leading organisations, was launched after more than a year of research, analysis, forecasting and development and we have confidence in our robust business fundamentals.

However, no investment is entirely risk free and anyone who is thinking of getting a mortgage should assess their own financial capabilities before deciding to borrow money from any company.

What are your working hours?

We are open 5 days a week from Sunday to Thursday from 8:30AM to 5PM. We also have a team of mobile Mortgage Advisors who are available to meet you at your convenience.

What are the T&C to get the prize for filling the online application?
  1. You will not be entitled to receive the voucher under this campaign, if your application is rejected, or if you are
    1. an existing customer of ADF that has an essence and / or compass product; or
    2. an existing ADF customer who is upgrading his/her loan.
  2. This offer is applicable to successful completed online applications only where the source ID is ADFSMS (not an Approval in Principal), without the assistance of a mortgage advisor, on the Abu Dhabi Finance PJSC (ADF) website and for specific developments in Abu Dhabi and / Dubai.
  3.  Available for a loan amount greater than AED 1 million that is disbursed in 2016 only, the cutoff date being 31st December 2016 (the Offer Period).
  4. Only a maximum of three vouchers per customer is permitted.
  5. The voucher will be delivered in physical or electronic form (at ADF’s entire discretion) within 4 weeks from the date of acceptance by ADF of the application for the Products. At the time of delivery of the voucher, you may be required to produce a photo ID. Please ensure that your contact information with ADF is kept updated.
  6. The voucher cannot be sold, transferred, is not exchangeable for cash and is non-refundable and the original voucher can only be used once.
  7. The voucher is only valid at The One outlets in the UAE and only if the Voucher is signed and stamped by The One.
  8. Extension of validity, exchange or refunds is not permitted and is valid for one time purchase and if purchase value is less than the voucher value, balance amount will be forfeited.
  9. The One may not accept the voucher if it is defaced, damaged or altered in any way.
  10. Vouchers if lost or void cannot be replaced or redeemed.
  11. ADF is not liable in case of any dissatisfaction with regard to:
    1. delivery, service or quality of offers.
    2. your purchase, redemption and/or use of the voucher;
    3. your inability to use the voucher due to lost or forgotten or void or as a result of your giving the wrong contact information; or
    4. the use of the voucher by any person(s) not authorized or approved by you.
  12. ADF reserves the right at its absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions and/or substitute or replace the voucher with another product or program of equivalent value from time to time without any prior notice.