Salem Mohamed Saif Handhool Almuhairbi

Getting a Home loan can be a very stressful time. Trying to determine the best rate and terms, or deciding who has the best offer, is a real challenge. We did our homework, but it was a daunting task until we called our Mortgage Advisor at Abu Dhabi Finance. Due to our opposite work schedules and busy family most of the process was conducted via phone and email, which was a great option for us. Our Mortgage Advisor answered all our questions in a professional and prompt manner and showed us various options that she felt would be best for us. There was no pressure for a specific product or financial institution
she was focused 100% on providing our best solution. She demonstrated professionalism, knowledge and an active interest in my case, and then arranged our appointment once we had chosen one. Such commitment is not seen very often. Thanks to our Mortgage Advisor and Abu Dhabi Finance team, we completed the process quickly and smoothly. We couldn't be happier with the service we received, and will definitely be returning to Abu Dhabi Finance for our future Home loan and also recommend Abu Dhabi Finance to my family, friends and colleague. Many thanks to the Abu Dhabi Finance team.